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A sales funnel for a small business is a strategic framework that outlines the stages a potential customer goes through on social media when consuming your small biz content, from that initial point of discovering your brand for the first time right through to when they check out and complete the sale. Unlike your Customer Journey Mapping, which outlines the process from the customer's point of view and experience, your Sales Funnel is more business-focused. 

A sales funnel is a a really handy component of an overall Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy as is gives you clarity on designing content that will guide your potential customers through a series of steps that gradually move them closer to making a purchase.

A funnel will typically consist of multiple stages such as Awareness, Consideration and Conversion, and we call it a funnel 'cause on paper that's exactly what it looks like- at the beginning of the process your offer may attract the attention of a large number of potential customers who have now entered your funnel by first engaging with brand. Ideally, they choose to follow you to learn more and have now entered your sales funnel.

Only a small potential of these potential customers will actually end up buying your product or investing in your service, which is what gives this framework its "funnel" shape.

As your potential customers move through each stage of the funnel, it signifies their increasing interest in your offer and a deepening commitment to buying.

Funnels can make attracting and converting your target audience through your organic content much simpler, as you able to pre-empt exactly what your customer will need in order for them to make a sale, and address it through your organic posts to help them along the process to purchasing.

As fancy as they might sound, when executed properly through your organic social media strategy, funnels aren't salesy at all and can support and guide your community into becoming paying customers. Which at the end of the day is the aim of the game, right? No business owner is out here thinking up post ideas and creating content just for fun! So you might as well implement a strategy tailored specifically for your business and target audience, and transform you social media feeds from 'just something you should have these days' into a powerful marketing tool.

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