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Real Results — Redland Bay Small Business Social Media Services

If you've been considering investing in small business marketing services or solutions that can help you attract and convert the right audience in social media organically, this post is for you!

While individual results will vary depending on marketing goals, individual target audience and your industry or niche-- as well as exactly which service or tools you choose to invest in-- we thought we'd provide a couple of blog posts with recent real client results to give small business owners a bit of an idea of what social media marketing might be able to achieve for your small business.

So next up (this is the second business we've featured in this series, to catch up on what we achieved for the first client we featured head here) is our recent Redlands Coast client who was interested in our Social Alchemy service, which includes a comprehensive tailored social media marketing strategy, along with custom social media templates that can be used to make unlimited pieces of beautiful and professional content in seconds.

Following on from the Social Alchemy package, this client received weekly creative assistance in the form of post and Reels editing and creation, caption writing, website maintenance, social media profile audits and updates as well as photography and videography as needed in the form of our 3 Hours of Power service.

Client: Redland Bay brand (based in Alexandra Hills, Redlands Coast)

Service: Social Alchemy (Strategy & Templates)

Goals: Increase brand awareness, growth of online community, content creation and content plan, helping the team learn what to post to achieve marketing goals via social media.

Key Challenges: The main challenges the team faced was a lack of recourses and knowledge to create content that would achieve their goals of more clients, increased brand awareness within their local community and growth of online community. They also lacked the time to dedicate hours and hours to creating content that they weren't sure would even be beneficial. They did not want to invest in paid advertising.

Timeline: Three months.

Strategy: Our Social Alchemy service was utilised to create fresh and dynamic social media branding for the client, as well as social media templates the team could use to create fast and effortless content that looked professional and attracted their ideal clients.

A bespoke social media marketing strategy is also included in the Social Alchemy package, which is designed to transform both BYS strategy as well as branding and aesthetics, to provide a holistic (and powerful) approach to social media marketing.

The strategy included:

✹ In-depth competitor research to identify potential opportunities

✹ A tailored content plan including implementation of a curated feed that could be easily achieved with provided custom social media templates

✹ A comprehensive optimisation of social media platforms to ensure they were being used correctly for business, and to attract the client's ideal clients

✹ An engagement plan

✹ A focus on community, connection and value as opposed to sharing information only

Key Metrics and Results (all organic):

Targeted Instagram followers gained: +291

Increase in Instagram audience reach within first 7 days of implementing strategy: +800% increase

Organic Facebook page reach during three months: 31,800+ targeted users

Clicks to website from Facebook page with first 14 days of implementing strategy: +1000% increase

Targeted Facebook page likes in first 7 days of implementing strategy: +22

Increase in Facebook page reach within first 7 days of implementing strategy: 1,100+ users

Increase in post engagement within first 7 days of implementing strategy: +594% increase

Increase in Facebook page visits within first 7 days of implementing strategy: +177% increase

Audience growth was target audience and located in same or immediately neighbouring suburbs.

Sure, paid Meta ads can also get your business in front of specific target audiences, but the advantages of being able to organically attract your ideal clients is:

a) Targeting locals located in the region where your business is (especially important if you conduct an in-person service as this client did) and not having to worry about your trial and error posts attracting the wrong followers who may never buy from or be located in the wrong areas

b) You ensure these target audience users are coming to your social media pages by themselves, visiting organically and not feeling like they've been a target of your paid advertising or "sold to" (AKA they're warm leads)

c) Unlike paid ads, that you'll have to continue paying for over and over to see results, implementkng a social media strategy is a long-term solution that will not only see results fast, it will also work better the longer and more sonsistently it's implemented.

Got any questions? Pick our brains anytime. We're here to help: Get in touch.

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