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Does Your Strategy Need Some TLC?

Finding it hard to put your finger on what exactly you need to do to get more customers with your business social media?

The truth is social media content is a lot like the ocean.
The posts are the waves at the surface that everybody sees, but there is a lot of powerful and important stuff going on under the surface.

If you feel like your social media content isn't attracting new customers or helping existing followers decide to spend their hard-earned money with you, chances are it's because your social media strategy needs some work. Here are a few things you can focus on to help formulate more of a strategy instead of posting and hoping something will eventually work.

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Your ideal client ᯈ Know exactly who your target audience is and create all content for them. Imagine them reading the caption. watching the video and what they'd be thinking. Overall marketing goals ᯈ What is the goal of your social media? To get visitors to your bricks and mortar store? To direct people to your website? To increase brand awareness?You can have multiple goals. Remember to always keep them in mind when creating your content so everything you has a purpose.

Understand the algorithm ᯈ These days it's ✨value✨ and video content that makes the algorithm happy. And a happy algorithm + more eyes on your business. So your strategy should include posts you know the algorithm with favour by adding content that your audience will find valuable. A good way to test this is if it's something they might want to save to come back to again later, or something they might want to share with a friends by sending it in a DM.

By concentrating on these few aspects of your strategy, you'll provide a great foundation for turning your social media from posts you chuck up just to have a presence, into a powerful marketing tool.

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