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7 Stats and Facts Small Business Owners Need To See Right Now

Feeling like marketing your small business on social media isn't worth your time?

Here are some recent statistics and research [sources below] that prove social media is the place for small business marketing in 2023.

1 —— According to the head of Instagram, it’s no longer a photo—sharing app and is now a space for video and entertainment content.

2 —— The current most popular video content is educational “how—to” and tutorials.

3 —— Carousel posts get more interaction than any other content.

4 —— Posts with geo—locations perform 80% better than those without.

5 —— Questions are used in 46% of Instagram posts, but this does not correlate to an increase in engagement on those posts.

6 —— The average engagement rate for businesses and brands is 4.3% which means for every 100 followers a post receives about 4–5 total engagements [likes and comments].

7 —— 90% of Instagram users follow businesses and brands — the highest of all social media platforms.

Any you find surprising? Make sure you keep these in mind during your next content creation session!

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