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What is Organic Social Media Marketing and how can it benefit Redlands Coast small businesses? 

Let's break it down.

Organic social media marketing is promoting your brand or business through free methods on social media platforms. It’s the images and captions you post to your small business accounts for free, so doesn’t include paid ads.

We often tell our small business clients who are reluctant to get involved with their socials, "Unfortunately, if you're a business owner in 2024, you are also a marketer." This is because an overwhelming amount of data shows that consumers rely heavily on a business's social media content when deciding whether to spend their money with a business, or go with one of their competitors instead. 

83% of people use Instagram to discover new products or services.

[Meta Business Data]

81% of people research a product, service or business on Instagram before purchasing.

[GE Shopper Research]

90% of Instagram users follow businesses and brands (higher than all other platforms)
[Instagram for Business Data]

iktok overtook Google as the most visited site in the world in 2021.

Tiktok is the main search engine of choice for Gen Z, with 74% using it the same way users search on Google.

So what then exactly defines marketing your business on social media as opposed to just posting regularly and having a presence? 

Marketing is: Getting your product or service in front of the eyes of the eyes of more customers and clients with the goal of increasing your revenue. So not just getting your product in front of as many eyes as possible, it's getting your business in front of more customers and clients, and increasing your revenue.

Besides increased sales, many of our small business clients have other marketing goals such as increased brand awareness among their target audience and region, getting more warm leads, growing their online community, increasing engagement etc.

An organic social media marketing presence is crucial for achieving your small business marketing goals as it offers a cost-effective way to establish an online presence, connect with your target audience and foster brand loyalty. It allows your businesses to showcase its personality, expertise, and values, which ultimately builds trust and relationships with customers, establishing a brand, and not just another business.

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